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The Plexineon product line is available in four degrees of white and nine colors. Please find a list of technical specifications available below.


iLight Technologies uses the latest RGB technology to introduce Hypnotica, a new, sleek and hypnotizing linear LED lighting fixture with a full spectrum of color changing possibilities. For more information about Hypnotica, please download the PDFs below.


For more than a decade, iLight has been manufacturing an LED Handrail Lighting System, as an OEM, for the largest manufacturer of architectural hardware, C.R. Laurence. iLight is pleased to now offer an upgraded handrail lighting system exclusively to the specification market though iLight’s architectural representatives.


Unlike other straight LED lighting systems, iLight’s Plexineon technology can be gently field bent and factory bent. For guidelines on field bending, please click on the pdf below.


The Plexineon Custom Sign Series is an LED sign series that can be factory-formed into shapes, letters, and complete custom signs creating that neon sign look but using the latest solid state lighting (SSL) technology. For more information about the Plexineon Signage System, please download the PDF below.


The Plexineon Recessed Mount System is created for use with any Plexineon product. The snap-in nylon clips attach to Plexineon and allow three fixture positions: exposed, semi-recessed, and fully recessed (flush). For more information about the Plexineon Recessed Mount System, please download the PDF below.

Part # Item Description Type
T-24WXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon White 1X Outside Corner PN
T-24XXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon White 2X Outside Corner PN
T-24XXXSTTCC-01 Plexineon Cuttable Fixture PN
T-24XXXSRTCC-01 Plexineon Corner Cuttable Fixture PN
T-24YXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon Outside Corner – Amber, Orange, Red, Daytime Red PN
T-24ZXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon Outside Corner – Blue, Green, Magenta, Rose, Teal, Yellow PN
65-ADV100W24V Advance Power Supply PN, H
65-PWR09-001-00 Justin Outdoor Power Supply – 120 V PN, H
65-24-96W-MAG Magtech Outdoor Power Supply PN, H
35-END02-001-00 Hypnotica Cable Cap H
55-DMX01-XXX-00 DMX Raw Cable PN. H
55-OVM01-XXX-00 Hypnotica Power Cable with Connectors H
55-OVM02-XXX-0 Hypnotica DMX Cable with Connectors H
55-STW01-XXX-00 14-4 AWG Power Cable PN, H
55-STW02-XXX-00 14-2 AWG Power Cable PN, H
60-TMN01-001-00 Hypnotica Terminator H
60-WHR06-00X-01 Hypnotica iS Power Pigtail H
60-WHR07-00X-01 Hypnotica iS DMX Pigtail H
Wires & Cables Summary Document
K-PLX03-001-00 DMX Dimmer – 6 Channel Dimmer & Power Supply RDM PN
65-CTR03-001-00 Controller – Rerun Portable H
65-CTR06-001-00 DMX Playback Device – Rerun Rack Mount H
65-CTR09-001-00 iPlayer 3 Controller H
65-CTR10-001-00 iPlayer 3 Controller Keypad H
65-CNV0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – Pathport In & Out H
65-MGR01-001-00 Network Connectivity – 2 into 1 DMX Merger H
65-OSE0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – Opto Splitter in Enclosure H
65-OSU04-001-00 Optosplitter: one input seven outputs bidirectional RDM H
65-OSU05-001-00 Network Connectivity – 4 Way Optosplitter – eDIN H
65-OSU06-001-00 DMX Contact Controller – 12 Channel Contact Enclosure e-Din PN, H
65-OSU0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – DMX 512 Isolated Splitter H
75-CLP09-0XX-00 Hypnotica Joiner Clip H
75-CLP11-0XX-00 Hypnotica Standard Clips H
75-CLP12-0XX-00 Hypnotica Vertical End Clip H
75-CLP15-0XX-00 L-Tab Plexineon Specialty Mounting Clip – 1.50″ PN
75-CLP16-0XX-00 Plexineon Standard 1.50″ Mounting Clip PN
75-CLP17-0XX-00 S-Tab Plexineon Specialty Mounting Clip – 1.50 PN
75-CLP19-0XX-00 Plexineon Specialty 3.00″ Joiner Mounting Clip PN
75-CLP20-0XX-00 Vertical Plexineon Specialty 1.50″ Mounting Clip PN
65-TST01-001-00 Installation Tool – Remote Addressing Device RDM H
65-TST02-001-00 Installation Troubleshooting Tool – Gizmo DMX 512 Test Tool H
65-TST03-001-00 Installation Troubleshooting Tool – DMX 512 Line Tester H
80-DNE0X-00X-00 Installation – eDIN Enclosure PN, H

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