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Part # Item Description Type
65-CNV0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – Pathport In & Out H
65-MGR01-001-00 Network Connectivity – 2 into 1 DMX Merger H
65-OSE0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – Opto Splitter in Enclosure H
65-OSU04-001-00 Optosplitter: one input seven outputs bidirectional RDM H
65-OSU05-001-00 Network Connectivity – 4 Way Optosplitter – eDIN H
65-OSU06-001-00 DMX Contact Controller – 12 Channel Contact Enclosure e-Din PN, H
65-OSU0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – DMX 512 Isolated Splitter H

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