Plexineon Sample Kit
Subsidized Price: $450.00

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Demonstrate the smooth even light, vibrant colors and the versatile shapes available with Plexineon:

  • Plexineon 2X Whites, Colors, and the new White CQ
  • Plexineon shapes and geometries

Leave any Plexineon sample behind.  All Plexineon samples are standalone pieces and we include 2 wall outlet power supplies so you can leave samples from the kit with clients.  When you have done so, simply contact us to replenish the samples – iLight will replace one-off Plexineon samples and power supplies at no charge.

Take to every meeting: All items fit in the included nylon case, which is smaller than a computer bag and has a shoulder strap so you can conveniently take this to every meeting with a specifier or decision maker whether or not iLight is on the agenda.


Items Included:

Plexineon Colors Plexineon Shapes
1′ Amber Circle – ~6″ White CQ 4000K
1′ Blue Square -2′ Amber
1′ Green Curly-Q ~1′ Blue
1′ Red Concave – ~1′ Magenta
1′ Yellow Convex – ~1′ Yellow
Plexineon White 2x Corner – 2′ Red
1′ White 2X 2800K Power Supplies
1′ White 2X 3500K For kit: 2.7A power supply
1′ White 2X 4500K For leave behind samples: 0.5A power supply x2
1′ White 2X 6500K Additional Items
Plexineon CQ Cloth Bag (14 1/4″ x 10 1/4″ x 3″)
1′ CQ-H 4000K
1′ CQ-H 2700K