The SpellBrite LED signage system is a more flexible, safer alternative to the traditional neon sign. Easy to create and customize, SpellBrite offers the brightness and stopping power of neon signs at half the cost with all the benefits that an LED sign can offer: longer life, low energy costs, and higher durability.

SpellBrite® LED Signage System

Compared to a neon sign, your SpellBrite custom sign will use up to 70% less energy. Also unlike custom neon signs, SpellBrite LED signs can be purchased by the individual letter and customized to your liking. This means that if one letter is damaged, that letter can be swapped without having to replace your entire business sign.  In addition to its affordability, SpellBrite custom signs can also be assembled and installed quickly and efficiently, enabling customers to change or rearrange their business signs with great ease. Furthermore, the letters can be dimmed for indoor use while the business sign outdoors can be left bright.

While neon signs can be a safety hazard, your SpellBrite business sign can be near customers without any safety concerns. Also, while neon signs often appear washed out in direct sunlight, your SpellBrite LED sign will be ultra-bright and highly visible regardless of night or day.

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