Plexineon® White Luminaires

iLight’s award-winning Plexineon White Luminaires provide white light with unsurpassed even illumination for direct and indirect view applications. iLight now offers Plexineon CQ with a higher CRI and frosted diffuser that provides a brilliant rich hue for interior applications. iLight’s 1X and 2X luminaires utilize patented light conversion technology using blue LEDs and a unique remote phosphor system which gives you stable, longer-lasting whites for indoor and outdoor applications. As with all Plexineon products, the White Luminaires are rigid, durable, cool to the touch and easy to install, making them a superior white light solution.

As our gallery amply demonstrates, Plexineon offers you tremendous flexibility: outdoor applications, indoor applications, indirect/cove lighting, direct view accents. Plexineon can take many shapes other than straight runs. Want multiple ring fixtures of various diameters? Plexineon is the perfect solution. We build your rings, squares, and other custom shapes and patterns to your drawings – not some round numbers determined by mass production.

With Plexineon, your constraint is your creativity.

(NOTE: The information herein is for convenience only. Please see appropriate spec sheet or technical document to ensure you have current and complete information.)

Features & Benefits

  • A bright, crisp, clean line of light
  • Intense density of light makes the thin line of light visible for miles
  • Custom shapes and lengths available so you get the design you want
  • Rigid structure of product maintains your intended shape and design
  • Impact resistant materials and construction gives it durability few other products have – Plexineon is rated IK10; click here to see Plexineon take on a cannonball.
  • Plexineon White 1X and Plexineon White 2X are submersible (IP68)
  • Multiple Kelvin temperatures and brightness levels available
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime
  • Stable and consistent color temperature
  • Low voltage
  • Cool to the touch
  • Easy to install saving the contractor time and your client money
  • For use as exterior or interior accent lighting, direct view or indirect view applications, coves & more

Plexineon is Rigid, Not a Noodle

Plexineon is a rigid product, not a noodle, and we make your custom shaped luminaires in our factory. Why should you care? This:

  • Helps ensure what you designed is what gets implemented.
  • Saves the contractors time, and therefore money.
  • Allow you to suspend your custom designs.

This 15 second video demonstrates the rigid nature of Plexineon.

Color Temperatures:

 White 1X & 2X  White CQ
 2800K  2700K
 3500K  3500K
 4500K  4000K

White 2X products are roughly 50% brighter than the corresponding White 1X product.

Some Key Differences between Plexineon White 1X, White 2X and White CQ

Indoor/Outdoor Lumens/ft CRI Diffuser Color IP Rating
White 1X Indoor & Outdoor 51-64 NMF* Light amber IP68 (with IP68 connectors, IP67 otherwise)
White 2X Indoor & Outdoor 60-86 NMF* Light amber IP68 (with IP68 connectors, IP67 otherwise)
White CQ Indoor Only 49-59 80 Frosted glass IP65

* The CRI for White 1X and White 2X is not meaningful. For indoor applications where CRI is important, we recommend Plexineon White CQ.

Lengths and Shapes Available:

  • Standard lengths: 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’
    (610 mm, 1219 mm, 1830 mm, 438 mm)
  • Factory custom lengths available to the nearest 0.50” (13mm) +/- 0.25’’ (6mm)
  • 2’ (610mm) field cuttable pieces
  • Factory convex or concave bends available. Minimum inside radius:
    White 1X: 5’’ (127mm)
    White 2X: 12’’ (305mm)
    White CQ: 12’’ (305mm)
  • Factory “easy bends” to a 3/16” (5mm) radius
  • Gentle field bends (allowed only on fixtures without C-channel):
    White 1X: 48”(1219mm) radius
    White 2X: 72”(1829mm) radius
    White CQ: 72”(1829mm) radius
  • Illuminated outside corner pieces

Want custom Plexineon rings, squares or other shapes? Yes, we can do it. For more information visit Plexineon Ring Luminaires and Plexineon Custom Designs, Bending & Corners


  • Class 2, 24 VDC

Power Supply

  • Primary voltage: 120 or 120-277 depending on model
  • Secondary voltage: 24VDC 4.1 A Max
  • Maximum illumination length of a single 100W power supply:
    White 1X = 32 feet (9.75m)
    White 2X = 20 feet (6.10m)
    White CQ = 20 feet (6.10m)

Dimming Capability

Plexineon is a dimmable product using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). For a complete overview, review the Plexineon Dimming Guidelines

  • Plexineon may be dimmed with appropriate 0-10V dimmers and DMX/RDM dimmer controls
  • Plexineon should only be dimmed on the DC side. Class 2, 24 VDC

Specifiers have created stunning applications by leveraging the dimming capability of Plexineon to create captivating animations. See W New York – Times Square case study.


Plexineon looks very similar to what it was 10 years ago, but through a significant engineering investment in continuous improvement – we stress fixtures until they break, improve the element that broke, then repeat – we have changed virtually everything that goes into Plexineon to make it tougher, more durable, and longer lasting. Below are a few highlights of durability.

Durability: Rated IK10 (Cannonball vs. Plexineon)

Plexineon takes a beating and keeps on illuminating – it is rated IK10. In the below video at a tradeshow, Kate demonstrates the robustness of Plexineon by dropping a 5 pound iron cannonball on a Plexineon curly Q from 3 feet. We used a Plexiglass cylinder to protect Kate and other vandals who wished to beat up on the luminaire.

In her enthusiasm, Kate went well beyond the IK10 parameters – she raised the cannonball a foot above the top of the cylinder and then accelerated the cannonball at the Plexineon. Despite being impacted by almost double the energy used for the IK10 test, the Plexineon curly Q continued to illuminate beautifully.

Durability: Rated IP68 – Submersible

If you’ve looked at IP68 products before, you know there can be quite a range of what IP68 means: you can certify a product “IP68” if it lasts for 24 hours in one foot of water; the ends of some “IP68” products cannot be submersed; others require the connectors applied at the factory. Here’s what testing we did and what our IP68 rating means:

  • Submersed Plexineon products 40 inches deep (1.016 meters) for more than two years and they still work perfectly.
  • Entire product can be submersed, including the ends.
  • Connections between fixtures were made above water and then submersed for the same time period with no issues. Our connectors are IP68 rated.

(We do not recommend Plexineon for submersion in pools, spas, etc. used by humans as we have not tested it to determine if it complies with UL 676, which governs the use of products submersed in water in pools, spas, hot tubs or “similar water-containing vessels intended to accommodate the complete or partial immersion of persons.”)

Plexineon’s ability to perform at an IP68 level makes it a more robust product in the field, even if you are not submersing it.

Our test tank filled with 330 gallons of water glows as the light from white and color luminaires mixes. These fixtures have been running continuously 40 inches (1.016 meters) under water for more than two years. That’s durability.

Durability: Temperature Cycles

Swings in temperature can be very damaging to LED luminaires. This is particularly important for products used outdoors. The faster and greater the temperature swings, the more stress on the product. For years we’ve tortured our products with cycles in extreme temperature until they break. We then improve the element that failed. Through this effort we’ve achieved an astonishing 100-fold increase in the number of thermocycles Plexineon can endure. You can break anything if you try hard enough, but we have not found any competitive product to be as robust as Plexineon.

Diffuser Color (when not illuminated)

  • White 1X & 2X: light amber
  • White CQ: frosted

White Plexineon Construction

  • UV and impact resistant acrylic diffuser
  • UV resistant plastic channel
  • Optional stainless steel c-channel for rigidity (on straight fixtures only)
  • High intensity blue LEDs as light source
  • Patented system, light conversion, and components


Plexineon is typically mounted in one of the following ways:

If you prefer an alternative mounting solution, please contact us. We would be happy to help you.

Plexineon Spacing

Minimum Piece Spacing

  • Linear (end to end) = 3/8” (10mm)
  • Parallel (edge to edge) = 1” (25mm)

Indoor/Outdoor Applications

  • White 1X & 2X: indoor & outdoor
  • White CQ: indoor only


Complies with CE, UL 1598 and CSA C22.2 No. 250 in Luminaries. Wet location. White 1X and White 2X are IP68 (when ordered with IP68 connectors, IP67 otherwise); White CQ is IP65. All Plexineon White Luminaires are IK10 (See our Plexineon IK10 demo).
MetLabs listed. MetLabs is a nationally recognized testing lab.

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