Plexineon® White Luminaires  


iLight’s award-winning Plexineon White Luminaires provides white light with unsurpassed even illumination for indirect and direct view applications. iLight’s patented light conversion technology using blue LEDs and a unique remote phosphor system also gives you with stable, longer-lasting whites. As with all Plexineon products, the White Luminaires is durable, easy to install and cool to the touch, making it a superior white light solution.

As our gallery amply demonstrates, Plexineon offers you tremendous flexibility: outdoor applications, indoor applications, indirect/cove lighting, direct view accents. Plexineon can take many shapes other than straight runs. Want multiple circular fixtures of various diameters? Plexineon is the perfect solution. We build your circles, squares, and other shapes to your drawings not some round numbers determined by mass production.

With Plexineon, your constraint is your creativity.

(NOTE: The information herein is for convenience only. Please see appropriate spec sheet or technical document to be ensure you have current and complete information.)

Features & Benefits

  • A striking, high quality, crisp, clean line of light
  • Four Kelvin temperatures at two brightness levels
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime
  • Stable and consistent color temperature
  • Low voltage
  • Custom shapes
  • Easy to install
  • Cool to the touch
  • For use as exterior or interior accent lighting, direct view or indirect view applications, coves & more

Color Temperatures:

  • White 1X 2800K
  • White 2X 2800K
  • White 1X 3500K
  • White 2X 3500K
  • White 1X 4500K
  • White 2X 4500K
  • White 1X 6500K
  • White 2X 6500K

White 2X products are 50% brighter than the corresponding White 1X product.

Lengths and Shapes Available:

  • Standard lengths: 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’
    (610 mm, 1219 mm, 1830 mm, 438 mm)
  • Factory custom lengths available to the nearest 0.50” (13mm) +/- 0.25’’ (6mm)
  • 2’ (610mm) field cuttable pieces
  • Factory convex or concave bends available. Minimum inside radius:
    White 1X: 5’’ (127mm)
    White 2X: 12’’ (305mm)
  • Factory “easy bends” to a 3/16” (5mm) radius
  • Gentle field bends (allowed only on fixtures without C-channel):
    White 1X: 48”(1219mm) radius
    White 2X: 72”(1829mm) radius
  • Illuminated outside corner pieces

Want custom Plexineon circles, squares or other shapes? Yes, we can do it. For more information click on Plexineon Bending, Signage & Corners


  • Class 2, 24 VDC

Power Supply

  • Primary voltage: 120 or 120-277 depending on model
  • Secondary voltage: 24VDC 4.1 A Max
  • Maximum illumination length of a single 100W power supply:
    White 1X = 32 feet (9.75m)
    White 2X = 20 feet (6.10m)

Dimming Capability

Plexineon is a dimmable product using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). For a complete overview review the Plexineon Dimming Guidelines

  • Plexineon may be dimmed with appropriate 0-10V dimmers and DMX/RDM dimmer controls
  • Plexineon should only be dimmed on the DC side. Class 2, 24 VDC

Specifiers have created stunning applications by leveraging the dimming capability of Plexineon to create captivating animations. See W New York – Times Square case study.

Diffuser Color (when not illuminated)

  • Light amber hue

White Plexineon Construction

  • UV and impact resistant acrylic diffuser
  • UV resistant plastic channel in various colors
  • Optional stainless steel c-channel for rigidity (on straight fixtures only)
  • High intensity blue LEDs as light source
  • Patented system, light conversion, and components


Plexineon is typically mounted in one of the following ways

If you prefer an alternative mounting solution, please contact us. We would be happy to help you.

Plexineon Spacing

Minimum Piece Spacing

  • Linear (end to end) = 3/8” (10mm)
  • Parallel (edge to edge) = 1” (25mm)


Complies with CE, UL 1598 and CSA C22.2 No. 250 in Luminaries. Wet location. IP67.
MetLabs listed. MetLabs is a nationally recognized testing lab.

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