Plexineon takes a beating and keeps on illuminating – it is now rated IK10.

In the above video at a tradeshow, one of our reps, Kate, demonstrated the robustness of Plexineon by dropping an iron cannonball on a Plexineon curly Q from 3 feet. We used a Plexiglass cylinder to protect Kate and the other vandals who wished to beat up on the Plexineon.

In her enthusiasm, Kate went well beyond the IK10 parameters – she raised the cannonball a foot above the top of the cylinder and then accelerated the cannonball at the Plexineon. Despite being impacted by almost double the energy used for the IK10 test, the Plexineon curly Q continued to illuminate beautifully.

Plexineon Durability, IK10 & IP68

The Impact Protection Rating (IK00 through IK10) indicates how much physical impact a product can withstand without being damaged. IK10 is the highest rating and in testing outlined by the specification, Plexineon earned the IK10 rating without breaking a sweat…or anything else.

Plexineon looks very similar to what it was 5 to 10 years ago, but through a significant engineering investment in continuous improvement, we have changed virtually everything that goes into Plexineon to make it tougher, more durable, and longer lasting.

With its IK10 and IP68 rating, Plexineon is the right product for any application where people or conditions might stress the product: anywhere on a school or municipality project, under bench lighting, landscape architecture, building facades, and more.

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