iLight Shapes & Bends

Plexineon® Custom Designs, Bending & Corners    

You can use all Plexineon fixtures to create almost any custom designed luminaire, image or sign.

Since Plexineon is a relatively rigid product, bends are typically done in the factory.  Factory bends are manufactured precisely to the approved CAD drawings resulting in fixed shapes that simplify the installation process.

Plexineon products can be bent to a gentle radius [minimum of 4 feet (1.219m) for White 1X and Colors and 6 feet (1.829m) for White 2X] in the “easy” direction in the field by hand and with the use of additional mounting clips.

Plexineon products can be bent to a gentle radius in the “easy” direction in the field by hand and with the use of additional mounting clips to secure the fixture in the desired place.

This page is intended as a helpful introduction. Please see specification sheet for more details.


Factory Bends

Factory Bends in the “Hard” Direction

Concave Bend Convex Bend

A concave bend is also a “factory hard bend.” Light direction shines inward.

A convex bend is a “factory hard bend.” Light direction shines outward.

For those who remember geometry (we are thankful our engineers do), the light direction is perpendicular to the bend axis for a factory bend in the hard direction.

We also call factory bend in the hard direction “factory hard bends” or just a “hard bends” because all hard bends are done in the factory.


Factory Bends in the “Easy” Direction 

Factory bends in the easy direction can have a radius as tight as 3/16”.

When Plexineon is bent in the easy direction the light direction is parallel to the bend axis.

We also call factory bends in the easy direction “factory easy bends”.  As explained in the segment below, some easy bends can be done in the field.

Plexineon Bending, Signage & Corners



The nature of signs means they are typically made with factory bends in the “easy” direction although some are design such that the factory bends are in the “hard” direction.  Contact us with any sign idea and we’ll let you know how to best make the sign component.

Plexineon Bending, Signage & Corners


Field Bending

While relatively rigid, Plexineon is flexible enough to bend in the easy direction to a gentle radius in the field, typically a minimal radius of 4 feet or 6 feet.  (See specification sheet for precise guidelines).

More clips

Fixture must be ordered without C-chanel.

Only field bend in the “easy” direction.  We do not recommend field bending Plexineon fixtures in the hard direction.  Concave and convex fixtures should be manufactured in our factory.

Plexineon Bending, Signage & Corners




All corners except outside corners (corners where the light is facing out) can visually be created by properly positioning straight lengths of Plexineon or, for corners in the easy direct, factory bending the Plexineon fixture.  For outside corners we offer a Plexineon 90° mitered corner part specifically designed for this function – the outside corner provides a seamless line of light along the desired corner.

Plexineon Bending, Signage & Corners