Plexineon® White Series

iLight introduces an entirely new way to deliver white light providing unsurpassed even illumination for indirect and direct view applications. No more challenges from complex RGB (a combination of red, green, blue LEDs) technology. No more heat issues or color consistency problems using white LEDs. With iLight’s patented light conversion technology using blue LEDs and a unique remote phosphor system, iLight provides you with stable, longer-lasting whites.


Plexineon White 2X: A Brighter White

iLight Technologies introduces the next generation of white light: the Plexineon White 2X Series offered in four color temperatures. The new White 2X produces high efficiency white light, stable and consistent color temperature, and most importantly, longer lifetimes associated with blue LEDs. White 2X is also 50% brighter than the original White 1X series, making it  perfect for low light level applications.

iLight has overcome the many issues with producing useful white light with which industry standard methods – such as white LEDs and RGB approaches – continue to struggle. All white iLight products are produced using a patented process which uses standard high intensity blue LEDs and a proprietary diffusing technology to create a robust, long-lasting white.

Features & Benefits

  • Four Kelvin temperatures
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime
  • Stable and consistent color temperature
  • Low voltage
  • Easy to install
  • Cool to the touch
  • For use as exterior or interior accent lighting, direct view or indirect view applications, coves & more


  • UV and impact resistant acrylic diffuser
  • UV resistant plastic channel in various colors
  • Optional stainless steel c-channel for rigidity
  • High intensity blue LEDs as light source
  • Patented system, light conversion, and components

Available in:

  • 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’ standard lengths
  • Custom curves and bends
  • Custom lengths available
  • 9” x 9” lit outside corner pieces
  • 2’ field cuttable pieces
  • System includes power supply (must be supplied by iLight), clips, and wire


MetLabs listed. MetLabs is a nationally recognized testing lab. Complies with UL 1598 and CSA C22.2 No. 250 in Luminaries. Wet listed.

Available Temperatures

  • 6500ºK
  • 4500ºK
  • 3500ºK
  • 2800ºK

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