Plexineon White & Color Luminaires

When your want a striking linear accent, Plexineon is the perfect choice – it radiates a vibrant, crisp line of light visible for miles and has unmatched durability.

While field bendable to a gentle radius, Plexineon is a relatively rigid luminaire and holds its shape when in place – giving the designer the intended aesthetic, and cutting the time and effort the contractor must spend to install the luminaires.

Plexineon is available in lengths ranging from a fraction of a foot to 8 feet. To create visual lines longer than 8 feet, simply daisy chain multiple Plexineon luminaires. Plexineon is also available in custom shapes.

To learn more, click on Plexineon White, Plexineon Color, Plexineon Circles, or Plexineon Bending, Signage & Corners.


Hypnotica (RGB Color Changing) Luminaries

When your want a vibrant, crisp line of light visible for miles that can change colors, choose Hypnotica.

Hypnotica is controllable in 6” increments and offers 16.7 million colors. It is compatible with any DMX 512 controller or any RDM (Remote Device Management) controller. Hypnotica’s colors can also be selected with HSV (hue, saturation, value) protocol.

Hypnotica has an aluminum housing and is available in straight lengths up to 8 feet and 90 degree mitered corners.

Like Plexineon, Hypnotica is used for outdoor and indoor applications and multiple luminaires placed in line create the appearance of a long line of light.


Handrail Lighting System

We give you the ideal handrail lighting solution: the Handrail Lighting System from iLight, an expert in the LED industry, and hardware from C.R. Laurence, the largest manufacturer of architectural hardware – all at a very attractive price point.

Leave the field measurements, and the risk, with the handrail installer – our light engines are modular (1’ pieces) and field cuttable in 4” increments. Minor variations of actual to plan can be comfortably addressed in the field… for the lighting system, that is…

We offer 120º symmetrical, 60º symmetrical, and 60º asymmetrical systems, with stock color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 6500K.