Plexineon’s rigid structure allows it to be mounted with clips at periodic intervals. Unlike many other products, you do not need to design and construct a special channel to support and house Plexineon.

Stainless Steel Clips

Our anodized stainless steel spring clips are typically used when mounting directly to a surface (metal, concrete, drywall, wood, marble, etc. – any typical construction material where the clip is appropriately attached).

Mounting Clips currently available include:

The clip must catch the groove of the Plexineon to properly hold it.

Adjacent fixtures can be aligned and mounted with separate clips or use a Joiner Clip


For more detailed and up to date information on mounting Plexineon, see the Installation Manual and respective Plexineon Spec Sheet.

In the Field – Stainless Steel Clips

Outdoor Facade Lighting

Under Bench Outdoor Lighting

Indoor Application

Indoor Application