Light Engine Jumper Pins


  • Designed for Connecting/Bridging LED Handrail Light Engine Boards
  • Easy to Install

Jumper Pins come in packs of 10 Pins. Minimum order is one pack. Part No.:  T01-JMP01-01-00


Light Engine Jumper Wires



  • 18 Gauge Wiring for Connecting/Bridging LED Handrail Light Engine Boards Together
  •  Available in Three Lengths

Part Nos.:
T01-STW02-01-00      12″ (305 mm) 18 Gauge Jumper Wire
T01-STW02-10-00      10′ (3 m) 18 Gauge Jumper Wire
T01-STW02-50-00     50′ (15.2 m) 18 Gauge Jumper Wire


Housing Mounting Clip


  • Installs at Each End to Wedge Housing Into the Cap Rail

10 Clips per pack. Minimum order is one pack. Part No.: T01-KIT02-01-00


Housing Shim Pack


  • Helps Hold Cap Rail Housing in Position During Installation

10 Shims per pack. Minimum order is one pack. Part No.: T01-SPC01-01-00


Lead Wire


  • 14 Gauge Stranded Black Vinyl Coated Wire For Connections Between LED Drivers and LED Lighting
  • 50 Foot Rolls Available From Stock

50 Foot (15.2 m) rolls of LED Lead Wire are standard 14 Gauge. Minimum order is one roll. Part No.: T01-STW01-50-00


Silicone Filled Wire Nuts


  • Wire Nuts Used for LED Wiring Connections

Wire Nuts are sold in packs of 10 each. Minimum order is one pack. Part No.: T01-KIT03-01-00


Low Voltage LED Driver


  • 100W 24V Driver
  • 120V to 277V Universal Input
  • UL Class 2 Rated
  • For Dry and Damp Locations
  • Powers Up to 20′-0″ of Lighting With 14 Gauge Wire

The Low Voltage LED Driver converts 120/240 Volt AC into low voltage DC power. These solid-state units have special circuitry to provide only the voltage and current demand required by the LEDs, and no more. Part No.: T01-PWR01-01-00