Rerun Portable Controller

The Rerun Portable is a lighting control station capable of storing up to ten 40-minute shows. It can work in conjunction with a lighting console, automatically switching between recorded shows and console control. When the console generates DMX512, the Rerun Portable re-transmits the incoming data. Upon loss of DMX512 from the console, the Rerun Portable starts its previous show.

Rerun Rack Mount

The Rerun Rack Mount is a multi-universe lighting controller capable of storing up to ten 40-minute shows. Shows are recorded by capturing the output of a DMX512 console. The recorded show start and end points may be trimmed non-destructively. Each show can be set to hold the last look, loop to itself or to link to another show. Shows are started by pressing one of the ten show buttons.

iPlayer® 3 Controller

iPlayer® 3 controller is a compact yet powerful show storage and playback device capable of delivering light shows to installations with up to 340 unique light addresses. Packaged with ColorPlay® 3 light show authoring software, iPlayer 3 is designed to add new levels of sophistication to your installations while eliminating the need for expensive lighting boards and technical programming expertise.

Controller Keypad

Controller Keypad is a convenient and elegant user interface to iPlayer 3®, a compact DMX lighting controller that stores and plays back custom ColorPlay 3 light shows. Each keypad instantly and conveniently triggers up to eight iPlayer 3 light shows. Onboard indicator lamps identify the current show. Dimmer controls adjust the brightness of light fixtures during playback, and a master OFF switch turns all show lights off.