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Corners & Cuttables
Part # Item Description Type
T-24WXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon White 1X Outside Corner PN
T-24XXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon White 2X Outside Corner PN
T-24XXXSTTCC-01 Plexineon Cuttable Fixture PN
T-24XXXSRTCC-01 Plexineon Corner Cuttable Fixture PN
T-24YXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon Outside Corner – Amber, Orange, Red, Daytime Red PN
T-24ZXXSPCSC-00 Plexineon Outside Corner – Blue, Green, Magenta, Rose, Teal, Yellow PN
Power Supplies
Part # Item Description Type
65-ADV100W24V Advance Power Supply PN, H
65-PWR09-001-00 Justin Outdoor Power Supply – 120 V PN, H
65-24-96W-MAG Magtech Outdoor Power Supply PN, H
Mounting Hardware
Part #  Item Description Type
75-CLP09-0XX-00 Hypnotica Joiner Clip H
75-CLP11-0XX-00 Hypnotica Standard Clips H
75-CLP12-0XX-00 Hypnotica Vertical End Clip H
75-CLP15-0XX-00 L-Tab Plexineon Specialty Mounting Clips – 1.50″ PN
75-CLP16-0XX-00 Plexineon Standard 1.50″ Mounting Clip PN
75-CLP17-0XX-00 S-Tab Plexineon Specialty Mounting Clip 1.50″ PN
75-CLP19-0XX-00 Plexineon Specialty 3.00″ Joiner Mounting Clip PN
75-CLP20-0XX-00 Vertical Plexineon Specialty 1.50″ Mounting Clip PN
Wires & Cables
Wire & Cables Summary Document
Part # Item Description Type
35-END02-001-00 Hypnotica Cable Cap H
55-DMX01-XXX-00 DMX Raw Cable PN, H
55-OVM01-XXX-00 Hypnotica Power Cable with Connectors H
55-OVM02-XXX-00 Hypnotica DMX Cable with Connectors H
55-STW01-XXX-00 14-4 AWG Power Cable PN, H
55-STW02-XXX-00 14-2 AWG Power Cable PN, H
60-TMN01-001-00 Hypnotica Terminator H
60-WHR01-XXX-00 Hypnotica to XLR5 Adapter H
60-WHR06-00X-01 Hypnotica Power Pigtail H
60-WHR07-00X-01 Hypnotica DMX Pigtail H
DMX Playback Devices
Part # Item Description Type
65-CTR03-001-00 Controller – Rerun Portable H
65-CTR06-001-00 DMX Playback Device – Rerun Rack Mount H
65-CTR09-001-00 iPlayer 3 Controller H
65-CTR10-001-00 Controller Keypad H
Network Connectivity
Part # Item Description Type
65-CNV0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – Pathport In & Out H
65-MGR01-001-00 Network Connectivity – 2 into 1 DMX Merger H
65-OSE0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – Opto Splitter in Enclosure H
65-OSU04-001-00 Optosplitter: one input seven outputs bidirectional RDM H
65-OSU05-001-00 Network Connectivity – 4 Way Optosplitter – eDIN H
65-OSU06-001-00 DMX Contact Controller – 12 Channel Contact Enclosure e-Din PN, H
65-OSU0X-001-00 Network Connectivity – DMX 512 Isolated Splitter H
Installation Tools
Part # Item Description Type
65-TST01-001-00 Installation Tool – Remote Addressing Device RDM H
65-TST02-001-00 Installation Troubleshooting Tool – Gizmo DMX 512 Test Tool H
65-TST03-001-00 Installation Troubleshooting Tool – DMX 512 Line Tester H
80-DNE0X-00X-00 Installation – eDIN Enclosure PN, H
Part # Item Description Type
65-DIM01-002-00 Advance Single Channel PWM Dimmer PN
K-PLX03-001-00 DMX Dimmer – 6 Channel Dimmer & Power Supply RDM PN