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PNC Banks on Plexineon

Plexineon creates a blue-illuminated cove ceiling inside a PNC Bank branch in Chicago.

Plexineon is accent lighting product-of-choice for new retail bank branches

PNC Bank is pushing to expand its geographic footprint beyond the eastern part of the country.

As part of that growth strategy, 159 new PNC branches across 15 states and the District of Columbia feature iLight’s Plexineon Blue Series fixtures as a key design element, helping PNC achieve its goal to be both sustainable and recognizable.


The Design Challenge

For PNC, “green” means more than money. The first major U.S. bank to design and build retail branches based on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, PNC has constructed more LEED-certified green buildings than any other company in the world.

Today all new PNC branches follow a prototype design developed by architectural firm Gensler for what is known as PNC’s Green Branch® Building Program.

Besides helping PNC stay true to its sustainability commitment, Gensler’s design creates an iconic look for the bank. The centerpiece of that design is a blue illuminated cove ceiling above where customers meet with bankers and tellers.

Originally, 4-foot T5 fluorescent lamps wrapped in blue sleeves were used to achieve the blue-light effect. However, the lamp sleeves faded fast, demanding frequent maintenance — a challenge in a public space where the lighting can be 20 feet overhead.

In 2008, PNC made the switch to Plexineon, a move that has since yielded high returns. Not only does iLight’s product have a longer life, it offers other advantages as well.

“PNC Bank has used Plexineon in over 150 branches. We’ve chosen Plexineon as our standard because it has the best look. It gives a remarkable blue glow — a consistent, even color that really defines the space.” –  Bob Kalan Electrical Senior Associate, CJL Engineering


The Plexineon Advantage

For one, Plexineon means less energy, with a 2-watt foot compared to the fluorescents’ 7-watt. Also, Plexineon can be ordered in 8-foot lengths; therefore, fewer parts need to be installed and maintained. Another plus, Plexineon can bend to create smooth curves, improving the look of an eyebrow element seen at some PNC branches.

Finally, Plexineon provides superior aesthetics, casting a crisp, straight line of light — not unattractive scalloping or stripes like other LEDs can cause.

Today, Plexineon continues to be the product of choice to visually reinforce the PNC brand just as customers enter any new branch.

“PNC Bank has used Plexineon in over 150 branches. We’ve chosen Plexineon as our standard because it has the best look,” says Bob Kalan, Electrical Senior Associate at CJL Engineering. “It gives a remarkable blue glow — a consistent, even color that really defines the space.”


The blue glow of Plexineon visually reinforces the PNC brand as customers enter any new bank branch.

The blue glow of Plexineon visually reinforces the PNC brand as customers enter any new bank branch.


Project Details

Retail banking

Throughout the U.S.

Interior Application


CJL Engineering

Plexineon Blue Series

Indirect View

75-280 feet LF per site (23-85m)

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