Cosmopolitan Sahra Spa

Waves of White Plexineon flow across the ceiling of the Sahra Spa and Hammam.

Illuminating an Oasis

Plexineon Achieves an Organic Feel Inside a New Vegas Luxury Spa

Along the Las Vegas Strip—inside the ultra hip Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel and resort—is the Sahra Spa and Hammam, a new $33 million sanctuary for guests looking to rejuvenate in a luxurious and sophisticated setting.

The spa’s stunning interior echoes nearby Red Rock Canyon, with walls sculpted from 420 tons of local sandstone. Overhead, an expanding desert sky is suggested with waves of iLight Plexineon White 1X Series fixtures flowing across the ceiling—illuminating and visually unifying the winding, 43,000-square-foot space, from its entrance and retail shop, down dramatic cave-like hallways, through wet areas, a salon and other rooms.


The Design Challenge

Jason Edling, Associate at Arup in San Francisco, specified Plexineon because the fixtures would lend the organic feel that Klai Juba and Associates, the architect, and United Designers, the interior design architect, sought for the space—while also creating continuity across multiple areas.

Having used Plexineon previously for exterior applications, Edling didn’t hesitate to specify it for an interior setting.

“We like Plexineon and have had good experiences with it before,” he says. “It was the best option because of its look and its reliability.”


The Plexineon Advantage

Plexineon offered another advantage: a dimming control option that would allow for varying levels of light in different areas.

“We like Plexineon and have had good experiences with it before. It was the best option because of its look and its reliability.” – Jason Edling: Associate, Arup

Also, because Plexineon can bend, installers were able to wind the fixtures to form the desired “fingers of light” that are especially effective in the wet areas, such as the Turkish bath.

“The cool temperature of the light ties in really well with the water elements throughout the spa,” Edling says.

In the end, Plexineon is the key element tying together all of the spa’s offerings for trendsetters needing respite, relaxation—and perhaps recovery after a night on the town.

Sahra Spa and Hammam is one amenity inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which also features iLight
Plexineon on its exterior.

Plexineon visually unifies the 43,000-square-foot spa’s multiple areas.


Project Details

Hospitality and Recreation

Las Vegas, NV

Interior application

Klai Juba and Associates–associates

United Designers


Plexineon White 1X Series

Direct View

1,462 LF (446 m)



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