Handrail Lighting System   


For more than a decade, iLight has been manufacturing an LED Handrail Lighting System, as an OEM, for the largest manufacturer of architectural hardware, C.R. Laurence. iLight is pleased to now offer an upgraded handrail lighting system exclusively to the specification market through iLight’s architectural representatives.

When you specify the iLight Handrail Light System and compatible handrail hardware from C.R. Laurence (CRL), you get the best of all worlds: an LED light engine designed and manufactured by an expert in LED lighting, iLight; handrail hardware designed and built by CRL, the leader in architectural hardware; and a team, iLight and CRL, that has been working together more than 10 years to provide illuminated handrails that perform successfully in the field.

And by unbundling the lighting system and the hardware, you are specifying a solution that is preferred by GCs, ECs, and handrail installers. (More on this in the Specification, Bidding, Field Measurement and Installation section below).

(NOTE: The information herein is for convenience only. Please see appropriate spec sheet or technical document to be ensure you have current and complete information.)

Features & Benefits:

  • Proven high quality. iLight’s handrail lighting systems and C.R. Laurence’s compatible handrail models (see models below) have been successfully used together for over 10 years.
  • No need to worry about field measurements. With the handrail installer responsible for the handrail hardware, the handrail installer, not the electrical contractor, is responsible for field measurements. iLight’s light engine is modular (1’ pieces) and field cuttable at 4 inch increments so minor variations of actual to plan can be comfortably addressed in the field.
  • Respective components provided by experts in those domains: LED lighting system engine by iLight and hardware by C.R. Laurence (when C.R. Laurence handrail specified)
  • The respective trades prefer an unbundled solution
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Custom handrails shapes and colors available through C.R. Laurence
  • More handrail diameter options
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime
  • Stable and consistent color temperature
  • Low voltage
  • Cool to the touch

Color Temperatures & Light Output:

  • 3000K (195 lumens* / foot)
  • 3500K (202 lumens* / foot)
  • 4000K (210 lumens* / foot)
  • 6500K (248 lumens* / foot)

Need a different color temperature? Let us know.  We may be able to address your need.
* Lower lumen output readily available.  Request information about lower light output.

Light Engine Lengths Available:

  • Standard lengths of 12”
  • Can be field cut in 4” increments
  • Run lengths of 10’ possible
  • Straight lengths only

If you would like a curved light engine for a curved handrail, consider our Plexineon product family. Plexineon has been used numerous times for custom handrail projects.


  • Class 2, 24 VDC

Power Supply:

  • Primary voltage: 120 or 120-277 depending on model
  • Secondary voltage: 24VDC 4.1 A Max
  • 20 feet per power supply (two 10’ runs)

Dimming Capability:

  • Dimmable using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).


  • Suitable for Wet Locations
  • Complies with UL 1598 and CSA C22.2 No. 250-00 Luminaries.
  • MetLabs listed. MetLabs is a nationally recognized testing lab.

Handrail Hardware:

The iLight Handrail Lighting System is compatible with C.R. Laurence’s Cap Rail models:

  • GR16 (diameter: 1.66”, 42.2mm diameter)
  • GR20 (diameter: 2.0”, 50.8mm)
  • GR25 (diameter: 2.5”, 63.5mm)
  • GR30 (diameter: 3.0”, 76.2mm)
  • GR35 (diameter: 3.5”, 88.9mm)
  • GR40 (diameter: 4.0”, 101.6mm)

C.R. Laurence can work with clients to provide custom hardware solutions. If you would like us to put you in contact with a C.R. Laurence representative, call us 312-876-8630 or email info@ilight-tech.com.

Please click the links below to go to a C.R. Laurence webpage for information on several of the compatible handrail hardware options that are frequently used:

Cap Rail GR 16 models have a 1.66” (42.2mm) diameter:
C.R. Laurence GR16BS, Brushed Stainless, 120” (3.05m) long
C.R. Laurence GR16BS14, Brushed Stainless, 168” (4.27m) long
C.R. Laurence GR16PS, Polished Stainless, 120” (3.05m) long
C.R. Laurence GR16PS14, Polished Stainless, 168” (4.27m) long

Cap Rail GR20 models have a 2” (50.8mm) diameter:
C.R. Laurence GR20BS, Brushed Stainless, 120” (3.05m) long
C.R. Laurence GR20BS14, Brushed Stainless, 168” (4.27m) long
C.R. Laurence GR20PS, Polished Stainless, 120” (3.05m) long
C.R. Laurence GR20PS14, Polished Stainless, 168” (4.27m) long

The iLight Handrail Light Engine System can be used in handrails by other companies, if the hardware channel for the lighting engine system is properly designed and manufactured to iLight’s specifications. Contact iLight for more information.

Specification, Bidding, Field Measurement and Installation:

For a smooth, predictable process and high quality outcome, you need:

a) a high quality light source (iLight)
b) a high quality hardware system (C.R. Laurence)
c) an experienced licensed electrical contractor, and
d) an experienced handrail installer (e.g. ornamental ironworker, metal shop, glazing company).

A bundled illuminated handrail system (lighting and hardware together) conflicts with how the trades like to do business. If an EC does not provide the lighting, they won’t warrant it. And if a handrail installer does not provide the hardware, they won’t warrant that. And neither trade wants to purchase material for the other trade. That’s why many general contractors demand that the handrail installer purchase and provide the hardware and the electrical contractor purchase and provide the lighting. This makes iLight the ideal solution: electrical contractors and handrail installers have been working together for over 10 to successfully install the iLight Handrail Lighting System on compatible C.R. Laurence handrails.

Phase Hardware for Handrail Light Source for Handrail
Specification C.R. Laurence (“CRL”) handrail hardware model compatible with iLight Handrail Lighting System (see Handrail Hardware section above) or custom CRL hardware designed to meet the specifications of the iLight Handrail Lighting System.Specification in the “Metals” division.Please cross reference theiLight Handrail Lighting System specification.(May use handrail hardware from other manufacturer that is designed to meet the specifications of the iLight Handrail Lighting System.) iLight Handrail Lighting System

Specification in the lighting section of the “Electrical” division.

Please cross reference the handrail hardware specification.

Bidding Handrail Installer bids the hardware Electrical Contractor bids the light source
Field Measurements Handrail Installer Not required
Unlike the handrail hardware and many other handrail light sources, small variations from plan to actual would not significantly change costs for the iLight Handrail Lighting System, because of its modular nature and ability to field cut.
Installation Handrail Installer Electrical Contractor